Nursery Rhymes in Hindi - Collection of Twenty Rhymes
play Nursery Rhymes in Hindi - Collection of Twenty Rhymes


Nursery Rhymes in Hindi - Collection of Twenty Rhymes

Namaste folks! Rhymes in the fourth most spoken languages in the world... any guesses? Correct! Rhymes in Hindi! Your first step to joining the 800-million plus Hindi speaking club!

Titles included:
1.Baa Baa Black Sheep in Hindi
2.Ding Dong Bell in Hindi
3.Goosey Goosey Gander in Hindi
4.Hickory Dickory Dock in Hindi
5.Hot Cross Buns in Hindi
6.Humpty Dumpty in Hindi
7.Eencey Weencey Spider in Hindi
8.Jack and Jill‬ in Hindi
9.Johny Johny in Hindi
10.Little Jack Horner in Hindi
11.Little Miss Muffets in Hindi
12.London Bridge in Hindi
13.Mary Had A Little Lamb in Hindi
14.1,2 Buckle My Shoe in Hindi
15.Pussy Cat Pussy cat in Hindi
16.Rain Rain Go Away in Hindi
17.Ring - A - Ring - A - Roses in Hindi
18.Three Blind Mice in Hindi
19.Twinkle Twinkle in Hindi
20.Yankee Doodle in Hindi

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